Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Michael Fallon must ‘Cease and Desist’

UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon is turning a dangerous course on Russia. Barely a month goes by where he doesn’t strike up a threat, lambast Russian policy, or urge the incoming Trump Administration to act ever more belligerently towards Russia. In fact, Fallon, once the very epitome of a soulless Westminster suit, is now beginning to look more like a spurned lover or infatuated stalker rather than Her Majesty’s dignified principal Secretary for Defence.

Appearing increasingly agitated, this bizarre Westminster prowler has in the space of only a few months indulged in some astonishing outbursts. This December, he blurted that the UK must not treat Russia as an ‘equal’.  In November, he pleaded with America to ‘stand up to Russia’ and has since issued oversized overzealous threats to Donald Trump himself. Fallon has seized upon any media opportunity to repeatedly showcase NATO as the only military force capable of pursuing Russian military might. 

Is Fallon suffering delusions of grandeur?

You might have been mistaken for thinking that Fallon was representing one of the world’s super powers rather than an ailing imperial power suffering prolonged economic hardship and mismanagement. The UK is suffering a striking, aging discontent public with an apparent funding black hole when it comes to basic public services. Yet this hasn’t deterred Fallon. He’s happy to force a confrontation with Russia on credit, on our behalf.

To make matters even worse the good old British media have shrink-wrapped Fallon’s frenzied sound bursts as ‘common sense pearls of wisdom’.  They’ve assisted in jousting the ‘wild Russian behemoth’ rather than scrutinising his crazed outbursts and holding him to account, as perhaps they should.

Is Fallon acting in the interests of the people of the UK, in the interests of peace and stability or is he sabre rattling on behalf of NATO and the by-gone old-world order?

Fallon has a history of blindly supporting military aggression overseas and represents the very worst of British foreign policy. Simply, he must ‘cease and desist’ from his swivel eyed and obsessive attacks on the more serious world power of Russia if we are to enter 2017 with some hope for peace and stability in the world. 

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